Talent Management Forensics

This is offered as an outsourced service or by in-house licensing of the Skillspeak product.

We offer very competitive licensing rates?and provide all the training needed to use the tool effectively.? We will continue to support you as you roll out the service and methodology to your organisation.

Peer Review Team Assessments

This is offered as a packaged, fully managed service for your Board or Team. Ask us for a free quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at our low price, especially considering the wealth of useful information you will gain from this very simple exercise.

Skills Gap Analyses for Teams

In this unprecedented methodology, we are able to define and track the skills of a particular group measured as a collective requirement of a team. Gaps are then determined and these are used to define a suitable candidate to be the next person recruited to join the team.

This technique is a world first and the methodology is a fully owned exclusive of Conquest Consulting Pty Ltd.

The Service Game

This is a unique game offered as an adjunct to an existing course or can be run as a coffee break exercise on a seminar or convention. It is very reasonably priced. Your people will learn the stark reality of the need for superior customer service with absolutely NO exceptions. It is run as a fun ?doing? exercise and the underlying principles creep up on participants and at the end they are left in no doubt what they have learned.

Course, Seminar or Convention Evaluation Services

This is a proven methodology comparing event performance against a large pool of benchmark data. All measures are calibrated accurately to isolate good and bad aspects. This is an invaluable tool for the achievement of continuous quality improvement.

Corporate Staff Performance Assessment Services

Please contact us so we can tailor our methodology to suit your needs.

Judging Services

Our services are designed to assist in those situations where several judges come together to determine results for an event. Scores based on opinion and allocated to participants depending on the quality/accuracy/value of their entry, are collated to determine final placegetters. Examples are Chamber of Commerce or other Business Awards, Best Exhibit, Talent Quests, Eisteddfods and any other situation where more than one opinion forms the basis of selecting eventual winners. We have developed software to conduct judging services using a method providing the following:

  • A very simple interface with all calculations instantly handled.
  • All frequently used configurations are handled. For example, one major combined result with several individual categories. In addition, each category may have a different set of criteria or factors and the system will prepare a vehicle for input for all combinations of factors within categories within an overall winner and separate these for each judge.
  • No need for all judges to assess all entrants as long as there is sufficient for statistical significance. This is frequently a time issue with some judges only able to offer part of the time.
  • Reports are available to show results in all useful forms and sequences.
  • Feedback can be given to participants based on a simple analysis of the results.
  • Scoring performance of judges can be compared to enable adjustments to be made if scaling is considered necessary. Judges can learn how their scores compared to others so they will have an opportunity to adjust their benchmark for future opportunities.