Skillspeak – Talent Management Forensics (TMF)

The flagship?product is Skillspeak,?invented and developed in Australia. The same tool?is used to achieve all of the above and more, combined with its derivatives. It is the world?s most?complete solution for managing intellectual resource. This claim is based on the fact that it works to provide all the data a talent practitioner will need. We know this because the genesis of the product came from having to solve the “talent management challenge” for a very large technology company. The tool has been designed to be used and useful for the people with the challenge of managing this fluid resource – “the available talent of staff”.?? Notwithstanding its functional power, the tool and the information delivered, is very easy to use.

Why do you need Skillspeak?

The Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin, entered a look-alike contest without telling the organisers he was the great man himself. He finished third ! Are you constantly running Charlie Chaplin look-alike contests in your business?

If you are in need of finding people with specific combinations of skills for any purpose including resource deployment, promotion, recruitment or training, then you need Skillspeak.

Skillspeak is the world?s most comprehensive?tool to manage the current capability of all the people in an organisation. Unbelievably, no value appears for this on the balance sheet.

If accountants are running your organisation:

  • Are you making the right decisions about people development?
  • Do you have the right mix of competencies to meet the challenges of your business in meeting your strategic plan?
  • Are you able to find people with the right combination of skills when you need them?
  • How much business are you losing through the lack of expertise?
  • How much more productivity could you create if relative experts could be chosen to perform all tasks in the business?
  • Is your attrition rate unacceptable?
  • Are you recruiting the right people?
  • Is your customer satisfaction level exceptional?

Skillspeak is a tool designed to achieve positive outcomes in all the above areas. It is designed with a deep knowledge of what is required to solve real problems faced in managing people to do real work.

We do not attempt to be a HRIS. Such systems are designed to manage large amounts of data about the legal and transactional relationship your staff have with their employing company. These systems do not work well with what your staff carry inside their brains. This ?intellectual capital? is the stuff that creates wealth for organisations.

What is different?

There is no need to build monolithic hierarchical data ? it is created as needed in the user?s own words and owned at the user level

The system uses heuristic methods – very appropriate in Talent Management Forensics. This simply means the system learns from its users and models the environment perfectly the more it is used. It represents the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use.

Reports are aimed at answering real business problems and it will directly support business planners, recruiters, resource users and trainers.

The lead time between a management question on competencies held and an accurate answer can be as little as a matter of hours.

All user interfaces are simple and convenient with secure and private web data gathering facilities. It provides a comprehensive skills management methodology by linking skills held with appropriate demographics.

What clients say:

“Skillspeak reports are used for real decisions not just filling cupboards”

“The tool thinks like I think”

“How is it possible that this software has anticipated my every need in this area?”