Training Programs

Fiduciary Duty

This one-day course is a fast-paced entertaining day of challenge and workshop. It delivers skills in teamwork, decision-making, conflict management and interpersonal relationships and dynamics. It also teaches a methodology to help recognise significant management styles in colleagues. By?studying the movie ?12 Angry Men?, participants are asked to emulate the characters?by reaching hard decisions in limited time with no soft exit options.

Completing this course is an excellent path to understanding and?stepping up to fiduciary duty responsibilities.

Professionalism for PROFIT

At last, a one-day course on how to operate professionally. It is NOT ABOUT teaching the trappings of professionalism. It shows the essence of being professional and how to win respect from clients and people you work with.

This event gets to the core of the nature of presenting yourself for work and what it really means. It answers the question ?How can my company continue to afford my salary and what would happen if they could no longer do that??

Skillspeak Accreditation Program

All business licence holders are entitled to administrator education for an appropriate number of people based on level of licence. This will take the form of a course of up to 2 full days covering all aspects of managing a Skillspeak project using the tool and all its functions and methods. Additional training is given during the same course explaining some of the theory behind the development of the Skillspeak method. This will cover the HR principles which are the basis of functions provided in Skillspeak. It will teach the WHY? of many of the possible achievements using Skillspeak.